GAAB Mission Statement

GAAB Foundation

GAAB: Guardian Angels against Bullying

Our mission is to form “anti bullying chapters” in schools nationally and internationally. The time is ripe to unite and organize students and teach them how to combat school yard and on line cyber bullying. The goal is to have a large enough membership base to discourage the bullies, plus teach the new members how able to council and support the victims and create activity events to involve the students to participate in, thus building stronger lasting relationships.

A creative “Guardian Angel” logo has been designed for the students to use on Stationary, Backpacks, Clothing Etc. to raise funds for their Local Guardian Angel Chapters and is attractive enough to be used to brand a full line of Automotive Accessory products which would be carried in the mass Retail Markets. A percentage of the sales would be donated to the GAAB Foundation to help fund its personnel who are going to press the legislatures to form new laws to also further help to reduce bullying by making the bullies accountable for their actions.

Local and National Social Media and concerned advocates for the abused victims are going to be on our side and I believe the much positive publicity is going to be the engine that drives sales at Retail Level. Once the Public learns of GAAB’s Mission, they will also want to participate and show they are proud to support the cause by way of purchasing the Guardian Angel Branded Merchandise. I have attached artwork mock ups of the Guardian Angel, Buckle Up and Buckle up Angel logoed Floor Mats and Seat Covers.

Other methods to raise operating funds plus monies to hold National Conferences and Regional Rallies would come from Donations, and soliciting the many cell phone air time providers, plus Web site Hosts, Face book, Google etc. National Franchised Sports Team Players would also be asked to support the local Activity Events.

The business of the “National Conferences” is to be able to gather information from the variety of media sources, school principles and associates plus student bodies to better understand who is committing these offences and how best to combat them.

GAAB would also develop tools and strategies to share with Regional Chapter Leaders which would benefit their local Guardian Angel chapters. The local Chapters will offer a liaison between class room students, teachers and principles in regards to up dated news and anti bullying laws being legislated plus assist the teachers by being able to listen and support them and the victims being attacked or under attack. They would be trained to deal with the minor issues and would forward the major issues to upper management who would deal with school principles.

When young people who are being bullied receive support from friends and fellow students it can help decrease feelings of depression and anxiety plus the chapter members can empower young people to step forward when they see bullying occur, thus the saying be your brother’s keeper.

Some of the factors that prevent youngsters from speaking out are diffusion of responsibility, fear of embarrassment or retaliation and concerns their peers will look down on them.

I believe the saying “many hands lighten the load” would be readily accepted by the schools and communities. Our first mode of defence is to be “United”. GAAB will also welcome existing Anti Bullying Groups to become members under the GAAB Banner.

United we stand…….divided we fall……….

for further information contact Terry Campbell, President of Masterlink Marketing Inc., 250-562-5940 or e-mail